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“The Lasallian charisma, a gift from God to His Church through the persona of Saint John Baptist de la Salle, has a history of over 300 years. Its mission is to procure humanistic and Christian education for young people, particularly the poor, according to the ministry that the Church has entrusted to it (Revised Rule, no. 3). With the dedication of Brothers and lay colleagues alike we have served the Lord, quite often amid great difficulties, educating and evangelizing the young.”

The La Salle brothers arrived in Latin America and the Caribbean in the second half of the 19th century (in 1863). They became involved in basic as well as professional education, along with the preparation of teachers, development of the sciences and catechizing the population with the richness of their educational work. They formed generations of children and youngsters with quality education. Lasallian education has significantly contributed to the cultural, social, economic and political transformation of our countries. Brothers have managed to reach the borders and edges of this continent, serving as symbols of hope through the La Salle Educational Mission.

Bearing in mind that recent Chapters challenge us to continue the commitment of the Order to meet the challenges of the 21st century (cf. Circular 447, “Documents of the 43rd General Chapter”), so that we become men with an inner life, who live in the simplicity of the Gospel (cf. Circular 455, “Documents of the 44th General Chapter”), keeping in mind the richness of Circular 466, “You Will be Called Brothers.” We are living in a time of grace, a time of transition, which leads us to look at the heart of our charismatic and evangelical history, for this is a time that inspires us to return to the freedom, the audacity and creativity of the first experience and confront this moment as a time of personal and institutional conversion toward the vulnerable and impoverished of the world.

In harmony with the various sections of the 45th General Chapter, this Congress seeks to provide an answer to “one call, many voices,” thus convening over 250 Lasallians united by one Charisma and one Mission to the service of others.

It is thus that the regions of Mexico and Central and South America CALL FOR the Lasallian community of Latin America to join the Second Latin American Lasallian Educational Congress.

2.- THEME: The education we need for the world we want.

  • Lasallian pedagogical thought
  • Educational attention to vulnerable groups -- women, migrants, the disabled, human rights
  • Education for sustainability
  • Frameworks of coexistence in schools for tolerance and peace-building
  • Conscientious use of technologies in education

4.- OBJECTIVE: To promote knowledge, awareness and actions in the Lasallian educational service as an answer to the challenges of contemporary Latin American society.

5.- LOCATION: De La Salle University of the Bajío, León, Guanajuato, Mexico.

6.- DATE: October 19-21, 2017.

7.- PROGRAM will include:
  • Plenary speeches by high-quality, internationally recognized specialists, attended by all participants in the Congress, who will be convened by invitation.
  • Theme tables, simultaneous talks by specialists on a common subject with attendance by invitation..
  • Exhibition of educational research and experiences, presenting the results of scientific research that promotes the advance of knowledge related to the themes of the Congress, presented by application of the participant and evaluated by the academic committee. Also, the presentation of reports based on educational or teaching work, also at the request of the participant and evaluated by the academic committee.

Associates in educational institutions of all levels; undergraduate and postgraduate university students in the area of education.

  • Presenter: in the categories Theme tables, Exhibition of research and educational experiences, and Exposition of posters.
  • Attendee.

10.- COSTS
US $180.00(or MX $3,510.00, taxes included). Includes registration, hotel-university-hotel transfers, lunch for the two days of the event, gala dinner, materials and certificate of participation.

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